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What is gaming chair

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Gaming chair: Gaming chair, referred to as E-sports chair. Among them, gaming is the activity of electronic game competition to reach the "competitive" level. E-sports is the use of electronic equipment as sports equipment, the intellectual confrontation between people.

The design of gaming chair is in line with ergonomics, which is convenient for users to operate and experience. Because some games require users to invest a high degree of energy and keep sitting posture for a long time, the gaming chair can ensure users' comfort.

Specialty:Adjustable (height)、Extendable、Revolving  Tiltable


Species: Executive Chair  、Lift Chair、Swivel Chair

Gas lift: 3 Gas lift

Seat: Molded Foam

Armrest: PP armrest/soft cushion armrest

Base: Nylon Base

Colour: Customizable

Logo : customizable

MOQ: 100 pieces

Delivery time : 20-25 days

Port: Tianjin Xingang


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