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What do you need to pay attention to when buying office chairs

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1. We all know that the best sitting posture is based on the principle of three 90 degrees and one central point, that is, keeping the angle between thighs and calves at 90 degrees to 100 degrees, keeping the angle between upper body and thighs at 90 degrees to 100 degrees, and keeping the angle between upper arm and forearm at 90 degrees to 100 degrees when working.

2. Cushion, good cushion cost is higher, general office chair is sponge cushion, so many businesses will basically make articles on the cushion Hangzhou office furniture, good cushion is generally thick, and has concave curve, has a good sitting feeling, now the popular network office chair is a good choice, sitting comfort is also conducive to heat dissipation.

3. Back, the back of office chair emphasizes its comfort and safety, some chair back parts are very loose, slight shaking can produce noise, such chair is not only easy to damage, but also has security risks. And the height of the back, now the market is more outstanding is the function of adjusting the height of the back, making a seat flexible, any can be competent, it can be seen that a good office chair function is very important.

4. If you feel that the lifting is blocked in the process of early use, there may be potential safety hazards. You need to contact the merchant in time to further solve the problem.

5. The stability of the site, the choice of materials is extremely important, good products are generally made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy materials, and poor is the use of ordinary engineering plastics.

6. Thirdly, as for the choice of office chair feet, the four claw chair feet have poor stability because of the small landing area, while the five claw chair feet have a much larger area than the four claw chair feet, which ensures the stability of the chair. The six claw chair is the safest. Its disadvantage is that the foot movement is not convenient, and it is easy to bump into the foot frequently, so almost all the chairs on the market are five claw chair.

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