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Use steps of Electric Meat Mincer Machine

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(1) Before using the electric meat grinder, clean all parts (washable parts). 

(2) power on after assembly, and add meat pieces after the machine operates normally. 

(3) before mincing meat, please cut the meat into small pieces (thin strips) to avoid damaging the machine. 

(4) power on the machine and add meat pieces after it runs normally. 

(5) the meat pieces must be added evenly and not too much, so as not to affect the motor damage. If the machine is found to operate abnormally, the power supply should be cut off immediately and the cause should be checked after shutdown. 

(6) in case of leakage, ignition and other faults, cut off the power supply immediately and find an electrician for repair. Do not start the machine for repair without permission. 

(7) turn off the power after use. Then clean all parts, drain the water and put them in a dry place for standby. 

(8) before use, refer to the requirements of the operation manual. If it is not used in strict accordance with the operating procedures, the consequences will be borne by itself.

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