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Unique custom attributes of office furniture

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Nanjing office furniture design team has taken the design elements of rounded corners, happiness, lightness and brightness to create an attractive office space atmosphere. In this project, there are no 90 degree right angle channels. They are all circular. In addition, lighting, office furniture and wood production are unified in such rounded corners, which brings a unique space experience.

The overall color matching of office desks and chairs is also very cautious. We should not only create a happy and interesting space atmosphere, but also look young and fashionable. We should not be naive. Therefore, the whole office space is based on the minimalist white wall industrial style, dominated by rich wood production, supplemented by beautiful colors.

In order to create a more accurate space experience, the design team also customized and designed unique products for this case. For example, all kinds of customized solid wood office furniture and customized lighting devices based on circular walkways reflect their uniqueness and uniqueness. Neon signs, interactive walls and video art designed by professional design studio all reflect the unique attributes of personalized customization of this case.

Setting up a public space above the work area, the biggest challenge is how to balance the acoustic needs of two completely different spaces. The solution to this problem is to create a full height glass office partition wall from the ground to the top. In addition, the flexible use of furniture is also the key factor to meet the diversified needs of office space design.

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