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Types of office desks

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Wooden office computer desk

The price of the office desk is about hundreds of yuan each, and thousands of yuan are expensive. The price of desk is affected by many aspects, such as material, specification, brand, market, etc. How to choose a desk, the key is to learn how to choose.

First of all, we should clearly know what kind of office desk we need.

1.In terms of material composition, the office desk is mainly divided into wooden office desk, steel desk, steel wood combined desk, metal desk, etc.

2. In terms of use types, it is mainly divided into: office desk, supervisor desk, supervisor desk, staff desk, conference table, conference table, large shift table, large shift table, negotiation table, etc.

3. From the perspective of application occasions, it mainly includes the separate office of the supervisor, open staff office, meeting room for meetings, reading room, training classroom, staff dormitory, library, teaching and research room, laboratory, etc.

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