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Three requirements for selecting office chairs

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1. Safety: for both users and enterprises, it is certainly necessary to choose the brand of office chair with guaranteed safety, because the quality of office chair is not up to standard, which may cause very serious safety accidents. For example, if the quality of air pressure rod is too poor, it may cause "explosion" due to impure gas.

2. Environmental protection: the environmental protection of office chairs is also a health problem of users. If the material and process are not good, the release of harmful gases will exceed the standard. If this happens, it will slowly affect the health of users, so attention should be paid to it.

3. Usage scene: in terms of material, appearance, style and function, appropriate office chairs should be configured according to the scene used. It is impossible to use too active and bright colors in a serious environment or too stable style in an environment that needs to be relaxed. These should be determined by referring to the usage scene.

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