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The safety of office furniture is very important

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To determine the safety of the material structure:

Structure is the base material of office furniture, which can determine the stability and safety of office furniture. Generally, it is mainly through the direct observation of the material of each part of the product to determine whether the structure is safe. For example, for a desk, it depends on whether the material of the desk legs is damaged, whether there are unequal volumes, cracks, natural holes and other conditions; Then look at the structure of the connection with the desktop to see if the screws are tightened. You can also push them by hand to see if they feel shaking.

To determine the safety of the molding process:

The harm caused by molding technology to human body is mainly reflected in daily use. For example, the design of the appearance should be smooth without obvious edges and corners, which is easy to scratch and touch during human activities. In addition, for example, the edge sealing of the desktop is mainly to protect the human body in addition to its beauty, so the smooth edge sealing can well avoid the injury of limbs. In short, when customizing office furniture, we must pay attention to the rationality of appearance design and refuse to pursue personality too much.

To determine that green health is not hazardous:

Compared with those physical injury hazards, office furniture is more worrying if there are chemical safety hazards. This is mainly about the problem of formaldehyde exceeding the standard. However, it is also very simple to determine whether formaldehyde and other harmful chemical residues pass the customs. First, you can smell them directly with your nose. If the smell is very strong, it must exceed the standard of formaldehyde; It can also allow businesses to take out the qualification appraisal of safety standards. If they can't take it out, they can also judge that there is a problem.

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