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The price of the coffee table

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The coffee table is a household product. The top of the coffee table is relatively small, just can put a few cups of coffee and some snacks, only for four people to sit around.

Coffee tables on the market are made of glass, rattan, wood, stone, metal and other materials. The price of coffee tables with different materials is also different.

Marble coffee table is divided into natural marble and artificial marble. The price of natural marble is more expensive. When you buy natural marble coffee table, you should pay attention to the quality of products. The price of natural marble coffee table is generally more than 2000 yuan.

There are two kinds of glass coffee table, one is the hot bending glass coffee table, which is tempered after high temperature hot bending and has a beautiful arc shape. The whole body of the coffee table is made of glass; The other is a toughened glass coffee table, supplemented by unique imitation gold plating accessories and electrostatic spraying steel pipe, stainless steel and other underframe, elegant, simple and practical. There are many shapes of glass coffee table. Usually, there are square glass coffee table and rectangular glass coffee table. The price of coffee table glass is usually several thousand yuan.

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