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The difference between modern office desks and chairs and old ones

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Personalization of design

Compared with the old office furniture, modern office furniture pays more attention to the personalized design of structural form, which is mainly due to the growth of the base number of young working groups and the pursuit of personalized embodiment of office environment style by modern people. At the same time, it also brings the growth of office furniture customization. Many companies purchase office furniture through Office Furniture Customization to meet more detailed and personalized office needs at one time.

Humanization of design

Modern furniture, especially office furniture, is not limited to beauty, but also to meet the needs of human body. "People" are the users of furniture. Only by fully respecting the "people-oriented" design is a reasonable design. This is the consideration standard of excellent office furniture design. It mainly includes two aspects: comfort and health. It is hoped that through reasonable structural design, it can not only meet the comfortable use experience, but also bring a positive impact on health.

Simplicity of design

Different from the complex process of old office furniture, modern office furniture pursues a sense of art of simple structure design, such as the office desk formed by one bending, which is very simple, but at the same time has a sense of art of the times, making people feel free. The softness and hardness of materials, the warmth and coldness of colors and the complexity and simplicity of decoration will cause people's strong psychological reaction. Therefore, modern furniture design varies from person to person and pays more attention to personalization.

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