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Soft fitting matching method of dining table

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1. Tablecloth

The choice of tablecloth is like the backing in makeup, which is a very key step. If the bottom of the table at home is good, it is very beautiful. There is no need to cover it all with a tablecloth and spread a simple long tablecloth or table flag.If the table has some traces of years, the tablecloth covering the table will be better. Choosing a good-looking full spread tablecloth has the effect of decorating the table. After all, a good tablecloth can save an old table.

2. Table flag

The table flag can be matched with the tablecloth or used alone. The size of the table flag should be selected according to the length of the table. The length should be enough to hang about 20cm below the table at both ends. A more formal family banquet, such as the big day of the new year, should be paved with a table flag. Simple long tablecloth can not only play a decorative role, but also retain the original charm of the table.

3. Mat and napkin

Sometimes I want to pat the food and send a ticket circle. I don't even have a heart water, and I can't even save the filter. At this time, it's time to put a napkin. Choosing something a little more lively will make the food look more flexible.The replaced knife and fork chopsticks and the dining table with Chinese elements are also very elegant. The ceramic table mat can not only isolate the temperature and reduce the stains on the table, but also be easy to clean and clean.

4. Tableware

Tableware is an important play on the table. You can know a little from tableware whether to pay attention to food or make do with it. Pottery utensils have a unique color and touch. The metal texture improves the hardness of the table. Small plates in the shape of lace are used to put snacks or desserts.

5. Green plant

The dining table decorated with flowers and plants will have a fresh and natural feeling. Choosing flowers and plants for desktop decoration is the simplest and most effective layout method. A few simple and exquisite vines are just right. They are placed casually, with a natural sense of freshness.Of course, you can also place the whole bouquet in a suitable vase and put it on the table. This will not damage the decoration itself, but also add a touch of color to the desktop.

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