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Purchasing skills of office coffee table

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1. Distinguishing method of the office coffee table -- look: real solid wood has no beautiful lines except rosewood and camphor wood. Too beautiful pattern may be artificial board.

2. Office coffee table identification method: smell: pure solid wood has its own special taste, which can be retained even after long-term storage or painting, while wood-based panels have a strong smell of chemical materials, such as formaldehyde, which is easy to identify.

3. Distinguishing method of office coffee table - knocking: solid wood products will make a clear sound when tapped by hand, while wood-based panels will make a low sound, and the wooden parts in the box will make a drumming sound. The same kind of wood with a crisp percussion sound is relatively dry, while those with a lower level are relatively wet. Generally choose wooden furniture to be dry, because wooden dry furniture is more stable.

4. Identification method for office coffee table: it can be divided into three levels according to the weight of wood. The light and heavy-weight ones include dried paulownia wood, and the medium and heavy-weight ones include pine, basswood, autumn wood, etc. In the north of China, medium density wood is called soft miscellaneous wood (except pine), and heavy-duty oak, Manchurian ash, birch and imported Liu'an wood are called hard miscellaneous wood except mahogany, rosewood, rosewood and other hardwood. In conclusion, the wood tea table is lighter than that of particleboard and medium density fiberboard.

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