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Product features of gaming chair

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1. fabric mix and match: fabric mix is a major feature of electric racing chair. According to the test results of comfort degree of European seat experts, soft leather for sports car is used at the back, carbon fiber imitation leather material for racing car is used at the cushion, and the side wing part is still decorated with the specially-purpose granular cloth for racing cars;

2. Color mix and match: color mix and match is also the characteristics of the electric racing chair. From the pictures we provide, it can be seen that the color of the electric racing chair is rich, which combines the black and white pattern concept to perfectly interpret the F1 spirit;

3. Visual effect: the visual effect of electric racing chair is relatively strong, the overall modeling is fashionable and atmospheric, not only first-class practicality, but also first-class decoration. The electric racing chair has achieved the perfect transition from pragmatism to new vision;

4. Steel framework upgrade: Electric racing chair is different from general chair. The electric racing chair optimizes the internal frame structure on the original basis. The whole thickness of the skeleton part is 1mm, the comfort is improved and the safety is more secure.

5. High straight back: high straight back is also a major feature of electric racing chair. This kind of high straight back design of electric racing chair makes up for the problem that most computer chairs have low back, the head and neck can not rest, and the electric racing chair can keep the sitting posture of human body from fatigue;

6. Adjustable armrest: the armrest of the electric chair can be adjusted at will, which makes the elbow joint of keyboard mouse operate for a long time to be 90 degrees. This can avoid the long-term sitting posture, which leads to shoulder and wrist fatigue and the occurrence of shoulder skating and hump.

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