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Precautions for using Home Meat Grinders

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Home meat grinder is designed to grind meat and vegetables. The knife edge is extremely sharp. Therefore, please hold the intermediate shaft when cleaning the blade to avoid hurting your hand. When grinding, please avoid hitting donkey hide gelatin and other hard objects to avoid damaging the knife edge.

There is a temperature control protection switch on the motor. When the motor works continuously and overheats, it will be automatically disconnected to protect the motor from burning out. After the temperature drops, it will recover automatically to ensure the service life of the whole machine.

The purpose of domestic meat grinder is mainly to stir meat: it can stir 250g meat at a time and complete the work in about 30 seconds.

You can also put vegetables into meat and stir at the same time. The product can also be mixed with vegetables and fruits separately. In addition, the product can crush granular objects, such as peanut, and can also stir liquid foods, with a maximum capacity of 1 liter. Through the processing of different food combinations, hamburgers, dumplings, steamed stuffed buns, various meatballs, all kinds of salads and fruit juices can be made. Users can use them according to their own creativity.

The home meat grinder adopts the method of grinding and shredding meat. Just cut the meat into thick strips, put it into the machine and press the button to grind the uniform primary color meat. You don't have to tinkle on the chopping board to make your arms sour, which saves time and effort. Help you make special sausages conveniently and quickly. Beautiful shape, smooth curve and convenient cleaning. The kitchen is a good helper. Life is so delicious.

When the home meat grinder is in use, it is recommended to pause every 20 seconds. If you want the machine to give full play to its function for a long time, when the motor has abnormal conditions such as heating and peculiar smell, you must stop it and cool it before using it, otherwise it will shorten its service life or cause the motor to burn. The continuous use time shall not exceed 1 minute.

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