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Precautions for purchasing office coffee table

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1. The size of the office coffee table should be coordinated with the size of the sofa and should not be too high. The table top of the tea table should be slightly higher than the cushion of the sofa, not higher than the height of the armrest of the sofa. The general height is 40 cm, that is, the height of the flat sofa seat, so it looks more spacious.

2. The size of the coffee table depends on the size of the office space. If you enlarge the coffee table in a small space, the tea table will appear to dominate; A small tea table in a large space will be insignificant. In a relatively small space, you can place an oval tea table with soft shape, or a thin and movable simple tea table, while the streamlined and simple tea table can make the space look relaxed without cramping.

3. It is also very important to match the tea table with the main colors in the room. Colorful cloth sofa can be matched with dark gray frosted metal tea table, or light colored log small tea table. The mahogany and leather sofas need heavy wooden or stone tea tables with the same color. The tea table made of metal and glass can give people a bright feeling and have a visual effect of expanding space; The wooden furniture with calm and dark color system is suitable for larger classical space.

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