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Part of boss chair

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The composition of the most commonly used boss chair in the market is basically not much different from that of the computer chair. It is usually composed of the following parts:

Roller. Due to the popularity of computers, the boss chair usually used is a computer chair that can roll, and there are rollers under it, so that the chair can slide freely on the ground;

Five claws. The five claws are usually made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, solid wood, nylon, plastic and other materials;

Pneumatic rod. It is used for lifting the boss's chair to adjust to the most comfortable sitting position;

Chassis. It is usually made of steel plate;

Seat. The surface is flannelette, leather or mesh, and the middle is a high-density elastic sponge to ensure comfortable sitting;

Handrail. The boss chair usually has armrest, which is convenient for the boss to meditate or rest comfortably. The armrest of some boss chairs also has lifting function;

backrest. The backrest and seat structure are similar;

Headrest. It is convenient for bosses to have a place to rely on their heads when they rest or think. There are also bosses' chairs whose backs and pillows are connected together without independent separation. The headrests of some bosses' chairs also have lifting function, which can adjust the comfort of headrests.

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