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Matching of dining table and dining chair

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As a place for family to eat and communicate, the restaurant is usually a space that can be seen when entering the house, and a lot of thought needs to be spent on the design. Today, I'd like to share some design cases of different styles of restaurants. If you match the dining tables, chairs, side cabinets, lights and colors, your restaurant will become more beautiful.

Modern and simple restaurant design, the shape of the side cabinet is simple and has a sense of design. The coffee background wall combined with wood and black table chairs brings a simple and generous feeling.

Marble elements are used to create a more modern restaurant. The gray marble floor and black marble desktop are combined with a simple white side cabinet. The side cabinet is also designed to hide light, which makes the whole restaurant look very atmospheric.

Adding appropriate metal elements to the restaurant will also make the restaurant more elegant and exquisite. The more common is to add metal elements to the table feet and lamps.The gray side cabinet of the whole wall, with some American style modeling, with this creative chandelier and strong black dining table chair, gives a unique aesthetic feeling to the whole restaurant.

The Japanese style restaurant with white background and wooden furniture shows a simple and comfortable feeling through the wooden dining table and dining chair and the dining side cabinet combined with wood and white.A white cultural brick wall allows the restaurant to bring us into the Nordic world. White and wood colors are also commonly used in Nordic style, but some jumping colors will be added as ornaments.

The restaurant is mainly designed with wood elements. This wooden side cabinet combined with black display shelf makes people feel very good-looking and can meet various storage needs of the restaurant.

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