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Is it better to choose finished products or customized office furniture

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At present, the office furniture market is roughly divided into finished office furniture and customized office furniture. Some enterprises will choose finished office furniture instead of customized office furniture, thinking that customized office furniture is very troublesome. Only a few enterprises will consider customizing office furniture due to the limitation of office space. Let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of finished office furniture and customization:

Advantages of finished office furniture:

1) The production of finished office furniture is relatively perfect, and the structure, size and style are reasonable, which can be produced in large quantities;

2) The styles of finished office furniture are more abundant and changeable; Suitable for the public;

3) Finished office furniture has formed a fixed production line, with sufficient goods and fast production;

Disadvantages of finished office furniture:

The finished office furniture is popular, which can not meet the decoration and space needs of each enterprise, and can not be well integrated and matched with the space; At present, many small office buildings have strict requirements on the size of office furniture. A certain number of work places are arranged in limited space, which can not be achieved by finished office furniture; In addition, the finished office furniture can not be adjusted according to employees' working habits and industry characteristics. Finally, there are few choices in the color and materials of finished office furniture.

Advantages of customized office furniture:

1) Customized office furniture will generally be measured on the spot by professionals, and the size of desk and filing cabinet can be configured appropriately according to the office space;

2) Customized office furniture can define colors, materials, accessories, etc;

3) Customized office furniture can be adjusted and designed according to the characteristics of industry, office habits and groups, so as to give full play to the functionality of office furniture and show the unique corporate culture;

Disadvantages of customized office furniture:

Customized office furniture is highly personalized and cannot be mass produced. The customization cycle is longer than that of finished office furniture, which is not suitable for enterprises in urgent need; Secondly, because customized office furniture is a highly personalized customized product, it is not returned by default in the industry, and its structural and functional maturity is not as mature as that of finished office furniture; Finally, customized office furniture is customized by office furniture manufacturers, and its styles are customized according to customers' choices.

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