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How to maintain dining chairs

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The biggest advantage of solid wood chair lies in its natural wood grain and multi changing natural color. As solid wood is a breathing organism, it is recommended to place it in an environment with appropriate temperature and humidity. At the same time, drinks, chemicals or overheated objects must not be placed on the surface to avoid damaging the natural color of the wood surface. If it is made of Meinai board, when there is a lot of dirt, wipe it once with diluted neutral detergent and warm water, and then wipe it with clean water. Remember to wipe the residual water stains with a soft dry cloth. After it is completely wiped, polish it with maintenance wax. Even if it is done, only by paying attention to daily cleaning and maintenance can the wooden furniture be renewed for a long time.

Maintenance of solid wood dining chair

1: Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the surface of tables and chairs. Regularly wipe off the floating dust on the surface with a pure cotton dry soft cloth. At regular intervals, carefully wipe off the accumulated dust at the corners of the dining table and chair with a wet cotton thread that dries the water, and then wipe it with a clean dry soft fine cotton cloth. Avoid removing stains with alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents.

2: If there is a stain on the surface of the dining table and chair, do not wipe it vigorously. You can gently remove the stain with warm tea. After the water volatilizes, apply a little light wax on the original part, and then gently rub it several times to form a protective film.

3: Avoid scratching by hard objects. When cleaning, do not let the cleaning tools touch the dining table and chair. At ordinary times, pay attention not to let hard metal products or other sharp tools collide with the dining table and chair, so as to protect its surface from bruise marks.

4: Avoid humid environment. In case of indoor flooding in summer, a thin rubber pad should be used to separate the parts of the dining table and chair in contact with the ground. At the same time, the wall part of the dining table and chair should maintain a gap of 0.5-1 cm from the wall.

5: Keep away from heat. In winter, it is best to place the dining table and chair about 1 meter away from the heating flow to avoid long-term baking, resulting in local dry crack, bending deformation and local deterioration of paint film.

6: Avoid direct sunlight. Avoid long-term exposure of tables and chairs to the outside sun for a long time, so it's best to place them away from the sun. In this way, the indoor daylighting is not affected, and the indoor dining tables and chairs are protected.

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