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How to choose a coffee table

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1. Before buying a coffee table, first measure the size of the living room and the size of the surrounding furniture to determine the size of the coffee table. If the living room has a large space, choose a large coffee table. One end of the coffee table can be placed with a bench and the other end can be placed with two small stools to make up for the gap.

2. The height of the coffee table shall be consistent with the seat surface height of the surrounding sofa and seat. It is best not to be higher than the height of the seat cushion, otherwise it is not convenient to hold and put the cup. Generally, the height is about 60cm.

3. If there are seats around the living room, it is best to choose a round coffee table, regardless of primary and secondary, to ensure that it can be touched in any direction.

4. If you want to highlight the coffee table, you can choose the glass desktop and wooden frame coffee table, while the transparent glass desktop and metal frame coffee table will make your space more fashionable.

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