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1.How to buy dining tables and chairs?

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1. Dining area

The size of dining tables and chairs varies from large to small. Generally, they should be selected according to the dining area of the restaurant. It is inappropriate to choose a small dining table in a large restaurant or a large dining table in a small restaurant.

The shape and size of dining table and chair are closely related. There are two common shapes: round and rectangular. Round table size is calculated by diameter. Small and medium-sized houses are suitable for 1140mm round tables, which can accommodate 8-9 people.

The size of rectangular dining table is calculated by length and width. The size of dining table commonly used in many families is 1070mm × 760mm, one side of the table is placed against the wall when there are few people, and can be pulled out when there are many people, which can be used for 4-6 people to eat at the same time.

However, the specific size of the dining table depends on the area of the restaurant, which is usually selected according to the standard size on the market. The size of the dining chair is not considered. It is generally matched with the dining table.

2. Number of diners

In addition to considering the size of tables and chairs, we should also pay attention to the number of people eating at home every day. There are four seats, six seats, eight seats, etc. for a family of three, it is suitable to buy four seats. If you live with your parents, you can consider buying six seats, which is enough for daily use.

If you have guests at home and exceed the usual number of diners, you can buy several sets of stools, which are not only economical but also durable, and do not occupy space when not in use. It is very good to use with dining chairs.

In addition, there are retractable tables and foldable tables, which are fashionable and save space, and can be used for many people to eat at the same time. They can be put away when not in use. Therefore, it is a wise choice to buy such tables!

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