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How can the warm space be less fashionable office desks and chairs

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The purpose of this office furniture design is to create a highly innovative workspace to meet the flexible needs of the two workplaces, help employees find a better way to perform their daily work tasks, and attract and retain outstanding talents in the industry.

In this law firm workplace with cutting-edge ideas, everyone is 100% agile. There are no designated screen seats and no private offices. This concept includes everyone, and the managing partner is no exception.

The new office furniture layout includes many popular functional spaces, such as independent desk, open and closed collaborative space, dedicated workspace, public long table, small carriage seat, social space, business lounge similar to "community", table tennis room, etc. The space has become so rich and diverse, but it is still spacious and comfortable without feeling crowded.

On the first floor, people enter the working space through a large open business lounge leisure area. This public space not only creates a comfortable atmosphere, but also skillfully connects the surrounding conference rooms. People can choose to meet and interview in a formal meeting room or a casual meeting room.

Upstairs, it is a working space focusing on health and local context. Nature, daylighting and environmental protection materials are important components of design. A skylight is specially opened in the central area of the floor to make the cooperation space here full of vitality and enthusiasm.

The work area is arranged along the window. There are various forms of customized office desks and chairs for everyone to choose from, as well as a large number of rich settings such as focusing on small space and carriage seats to support flexible and agile working mode. The design and planning of the project is based on the strategy of professional consultant and management mode, and then through the conclusions drawn from various project research and seminars, it finally presents such a warm, fashionable, flexible and dynamic workspace.

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