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How can I choose a suitable and comfortable office chair

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In professional office chair customization manufacturers, there are many kinds of office chairs. If you want to choose a suitable one, you should not only listen to the sales staff's introduction to the office chair one by one, but also combine some of your own factors.

The surface design of the office chair should first be elastic and have good air permeability, so as to ensure that consumers will not feel stuffy and uncomfortable when sitting.

Secondly, the back of the office chair can well support the spine of the body. When people are working, they will not always be in a fixed sitting position. At this time, they need to consider the support of the body when leaning back, shaking occasionally, and even turning around.

Now the office chairs are adjustable, so the height of the armrest, the height of the chair back, the position of the shoulder and head, these adjustable parts need to pay attention to the grasp of reasonable angle and size.

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