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classification of boss chair

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Boss chair usually refers to the chair used by the boss in his office. It is a kind of computer chair. The boss chair is generally composed of eight parts: roller, five claw, air pressure rod, chassis, chair seat, armrest, backrest and pillow. It is classified into leather, mesh and so on.

According to the material, boss chairs are generally divided into the following categories:

Leather type

At present, the most common and commonly used leather boss chair in the market. Most boss chairs are made of PU leather and genuine leather, and a small number of boss chairs are made of cowhide and other raw materials.This boss chair is usually one of the big class chair and the middle class chair.

Mesh type

This kind of boss chair will also appear in the boss's office. Because he uses mesh as fabric, it has good air permeability. It is generally the choice of bosses in summer.

This kind of boss chair is usually one of the small class chairs.


Some bosses like chairs made of solid wood, plastic and other materials.

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