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  • Precautions for purchasing office coffee table

    1. The size of the office coffee table should be coordinated with the size of the sofa and should not be too high. The table top of the tea table should be slightly higher than the cushion of the sofa, not higher than the height of the armrest of the sofa. The general height is 40 cm, that is, the h Read More

  • Purchasing skills of office coffee table

    1. Distinguishing method of the office coffee table -- look: real solid wood has no beautiful lines except rosewood and camphor wood. Too beautiful pattern may be artificial board.2. Office coffee table identification method: smell: pure solid wood has its own special taste, which can be retained ev Read More

  • Artistic beauty of modern office furniture

    First of all, the sense of modeling is an undoubted feature of modern office furniture. The beautiful shape brings people spiritual pleasure; Humanized modeling brings comfort to people. Successful modern office furniture modeling design will follow the contrast relationship in Aesthetics: the contr Read More

  • Maintenance of office furniture

    1. Do not wipe the studio furniture with a dry cloth because the dust is composed of fiber, sand, etc. many consumers are used to wiping the exterior of the studio furniture with a dry cloth, which will cause these fine particles to leave small scratches on the exterior of the studio furniture.2. Do Read More

  • XIANGLIU LIMITED CO., LTD. wishes you enjoy a happy Dragon Boat Festival Vacation!

    Chinese culture has a long history and is broad and profound. Ancient festivals are an important carrier of traditional culture. The formation of ancient festivals contains profound and rich cultural connotation. Ancient festivals attach importance to the belief of ancestors and sacrificial activiti Read More

  • Three requirements for selecting office chairs

    1. Safety: for both users and enterprises, it is certainly necessary to choose the brand of office chair with guaranteed safety, because the quality of office chair is not up to standard, which may cause very serious safety accidents. For example, if the quality of air pressure rod is too poor, it m Read More

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