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Brief introduction of Home Meat Grinder

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The home meat grinder is in electric mode and uses household 220V power supply. More and more families begin to use this product, making the home meat grinder a new favorite of household appliances in the kitchen. The reason why the home meat grinder is popular is that it can not only be used to crush meat, but also be used to crush food such as peanuts, onions, garlic and spices. 

In this way, the home meat grinder has become a food cooking machine, so it has also become a food cooking machine. The domestic meat grinder belongs to the category of small kitchen appliances, with a power of 200W, in accordance with the national standard gb4706.1-2005; GB4706.30-2008.The home meat grinder uses a motor with strong rotation, so it will heat rapidly during use. It is recommended that the continuous use time should not exceed 1 minute, so as to prolong the service life of the home meat grinder.

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