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Brief introduction of Electric Meat Mincer Machine

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Electric Meat Mincer Machine Specifications:

Mode:2 Speed Mode

Voltage:220V 50Hz

Rated Input Power:800W


Material:304 Stainless Steel

Plug:EU Plug


1.Stainless steel cup, durable and rustproof.

2.speed mode, provide more choices of cooking

3.Mute bearing, low noise, high efficiency.

4.Detachable design, easy to clean.

5.S shape solid 4 blades, quickly chew physical objects.

6.3L large capacity, meets the needs of your whole family.

7.Stop function, the blade stops immediately when you leave the button.

Easy Operation:

1. Install the cutter head. Place the chopping knife in the center of the clear cup.

2. Put in food. Put the minced food into the cup.

3. Install the mainframe. Cover with lid. Put the head on the cup lid.

4. Connect the power supply. Press the switch. Chop the food according to the demand.

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