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Brief introduction of computer desk

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Computer is a special kind of electrical appliance. What is different from TV and audio is that people must always operate close to each other when using it. Therefore, there are specific requirements for the height of the computer and the position of the keyboard and mouse. Most ordinary furniture do not meet the conditions. As the saying goes, "a good horse with a good saddle", choosing a suitable computer desk can make you relaxed and comfortable during operation, and the computer desk can improve work efficiency.

The computer desk is made of MDF with plastic soft edges wrapped on four sides, which is assembled and fixed by screws. MDF has the characteristics of moderate weight, fire resistance, moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, antistatic and low price. It is very suitable for making computer tables. Some so-called high-end computer tables are made of pure wood and are expensive. Smart consumers must not pay this wronged money. The melamine paint on the surface of the computer table is divided into smooth (smooth) and frosted (pitted). The pitted finish feels good, does not slip, does not reflect light, and has no traces of water stains after wiping with a wet cloth, but the price is 30 or 40 yuan expensive.

There are many styles of computer desk. After careful comparison, I feel that the practicability can not be judged simply by the number of drawers and grid layers. The computer desk selected by the author has a very simple structure and low price. The upper part is a drawer and a keyboard bracket (they are the same width and can be interchanged), and the lower part is only two diaphragms. It is arranged as follows: the left half of the desktop is placed with a horizontal chassis and display, and the left half of the vacant right half can temporarily place manuscripts and computer reference books, which can also be used as a desk at ordinary times. The manual, startup disk, anti-virus disk, common CD, etc. are placed in the small drawer, which can be taken at any time. A speaker is placed on the left and right corners of the lower two partitions, which does not occupy the desktop. The biggest advantage of this style is that both horizontal and vertical chassis are suitable. There is large room for legs to stretch. You can sit side by side, learn skills and play games together; And the keyboard bracket can be flexibly arranged on the left or right according to needs, which is very suitable for family use. It doesn't matter if you like the "one head sink" design, but when you buy, you should pay attention that the person should sit on the left side of the computer table and leave a place for the mouse pad on the right side.

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