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Are you still designing with traditional office furniture?

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Use the ingenious collocation of office furniture to create a rich and changeable spatial structure! Open and free office space, rich and colorful office furniture color and space design.

When designing shared office space, we should pay attention to the size of office desks and chairs, which should be moderate and not too large, otherwise it will produce a sense of distance. Dining chairs should be comfortable and in line with ergonomic principles. When there are many people, we can choose small office sofas.

The meeting room is the place where the company discusses and makes decisions. The boss gives advice here and the employees give advice. In addition to furniture innovation, we should also highlight the stable office atmosphere. The area of the negotiation area does not need to be large. It can be equipped with a negotiation table and several chairs. The setting mode is closed or semi closed to ensure the privacy of the conversation.

The office furniture is well arranged and can be integrated into the overall layout. Each region has its own characteristics. Working in such an environment will definitely stimulate creativity and make people think like a spring. The division of space levels and the color matching of the overall area bring employees a new work experience and more fun in office.

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