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2.How to buy dining tables and chairs?

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3. Style of dining table and chair

The dining tables and chairs in the market have different styles and styles. We must pay attention to when purchasing. We can't blindly choose by relying on personal preferences. We should choose the dining tables and chairs of the same style according to the home decoration style.

For example, home decoration is a simple style. It's best to consider the simple style of tables and chairs. The style should be simple and generous, rather than complicated styles of tables and chairs. If tables and chairs need to be covered with a tablecloth, we should also pay attention to the color and pattern of the tablecloth. Everything should be in line with the home decoration style.

4. Material of dining table and chair

There are many kinds of table materials. In addition to the common wood, there are marble, steel wood, glass, volcanic stone and other materials. The tables of different materials have their own characteristics and bring different decorative feelings. The dining chairs are mostly made of wood, leather, cloth and plastic, which are usually matched with the dining table.

5. Consider cleanliness

Whether the dining table and chair are easy to clean mainly depends on the material, such as the solid wood dining table. The appearance has natural wood grain and color, which is very beautiful and atmospheric. There are solid wood dining tables and chairs at home, which are very textured at first glance.

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